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Wikipatterns – the book

Posted by Dawn on April 17, 2008

Earlier I mentioned I had purchased a pair of books and commented on the first, Tagging. I have finely got round to reading the second, Wikipatterns. This is proving just as interesting and if you are at all interested in Wikis I whole heartedly suggest reading it. At the very least check out the accompany website. So what’s got me all excited? There are a whole bunch of case studies demonstrating the different things a wiki can be used for and how various organisations have gone about rolling it out. This links to the core of the book which is concerned with those things that discourage and encourage people/groups etc, to take up wikis. These are not only interesting from the perspective of wiki deployment but some can also be applied to the more general deployment of new applications.


For example a simple pattern suggested to encourage wiki use is the Intentional Error.  By putting errors within wiki content it encourages people to edit the wiki. This starts to break down the reservations and fears people have about participating.


So why is this relevant to us? I think there’s two points I want two make here. First we are also, either within Streamline or other projects; trying to engage people in a new technology, so some of the patterns may be of use. Secondly and I think more importantly, the idea of patterns itself is a neat why of passing on experience to others. During the development of a use case for Stuarts scenarios I suggested that that was a good foundation for developing guidelines as a project output.. Maybe we can produce patterns for LO and repository uptake. This would also be useful for PERSoNA and the Repository projects.



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