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Moodle update

Posted by Dawn on December 14, 2007

The look and feel for the Moodle-based repository has now been designed and integrated into the site. This screen shot shows the front page. A few things need to be tweaked depending on which features we decided to keep/reject. I am now working on adjusting the search interface to enable users to download objects of interest into a personal space and add objects to the repository.

The portfolio plug-in (visible on the screen shot), may provide a foundation for this, but has too low a level of organisation to do the job itself. This is currently not installed on the live site.

A version of eCat is available on the Moodle site, for download. Some adjustments need to be made if this is going to be an input client of the Moodle repository. In the mean time learning objects should be packed and emailed to myself. These can be stored in the database, searched and viewed.

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Moodle review

Posted by Dawn on December 13, 2007

Moodle is a widely used open source eLearning course management system, available for download from: It offers a wide range of features which is enhanced by a whole host of plugins produced by the open source community. The following document: Moodle review, reviews Moodle as a candidate for using as a test bed repository for learning objects.

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Moodle and the repository

Posted by Dawn on November 30, 2007

Now the repository is up and running I’ve gone back to studying Moodle and its plug-ins. The repository is presented in Moodle as one of the side blocks (bottom right), giving access to the search facilities. What we need now is a visual means of personal space for storing learning objects. I have found a plug-in that acts as an ePortfolio giving students a personal file space. I’m hoping that this can be quickly and easily adapted to give the repository users an interface to their stored learning objects. As well as a means to organise those searched objects that they wish to retain a reference to. I will be working on this next week, along with making the repository more visually appealing.

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Repository now running

Posted by Dawn on November 15, 2007

The repository is now up and running. There are two versions, one attached to moodle at:
The other is stand alone at:
The front ends have not been finalised yet this will be one of the first jobs. There are some learning objects in the repository, but these will be replaced soon with more relevant ones. Ben and I are going to work on the permissions (authentication and accessibility) of the second one to enable individual work space.

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Test repository

Posted by benryan on June 7, 2007


I will be implementing a repository integrated with a Moodle site to store the learning objects that we will be using. The repository is what I call a “light weight” repository built using MySQL and PHP. It provides seraching facilities on the metadata using the MySQL full text indexing functionality and provides browsing using, at present, either the JACS or Learn Direct classifications. The search is also integrated into the browsing so that you may search just within a classification.

I will be liasing with Janet to get this installed on a server in Leeds (or outside if there are problems) over the next couple of weeks. I will populate the repository with some content so that people can have a look at how the system works.



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