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Jorum Workshop

Posted by Dawn on February 20, 2008

Today I observed a workshop for introducing Jorum, a little bit of CourseGenie and some other repository resources. The idea of a learning object and its potential were discussed first. There were some interesting views. Learning objects were discussed as reusable learning objects (LOs) which I found strange as reusability is, for me, an inherent feature of learning objects. The idea of conforming to a standard was also perceived as being important. One participant had the practical perspective, that they, LOs, enabled last years course materials be used in this years courses.

After a demo of using Jorum participants were asked to search for some objects that related to their needs. The majority seamed to manage this ok. On of the LOs discovered was so well presented that it covered about 60% of the course material required, not bad going. Concerns about Jorum, included: evaluating the quality of a LO and copyright and restricted use.


There were some concerns as to whether these repositories are accessible by students and how that would impact on fairness and students accessing material out of sync of the intended course format. This is an interesting question. I feel that LOs are a positive resource for students as well as teachers. If the idea of learning/teaching styles is to be believed, it is very difficult as a teacher to adapt your style to appeal to all students. Students who are having difficulty with understanding a teaching style should seek alternative sources. Its no different to going and finding a none course text book to explain a concept you didn’t understand in the lecture. Alternatively LOs give teachers the opportunity to give alternative content presentation without the extra work.


There were some positive responses to CourseGenie as it made section up a document really easy. Presenting content as clickable web pages rather than a word doc was felt to be a more student orientated method. A questionnaire has been placed online and some of the participants have agreed to complete this later.


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Moodle and the repository

Posted by Dawn on November 30, 2007

Now the repository is up and running I’ve gone back to studying Moodle and its plug-ins. The repository is presented in Moodle as one of the side blocks (bottom right), giving access to the search facilities. What we need now is a visual means of personal space for storing learning objects. I have found a plug-in that acts as an ePortfolio giving students a personal file space. I’m hoping that this can be quickly and easily adapted to give the repository users an interface to their stored learning objects. As well as a means to organise those searched objects that they wish to retain a reference to. I will be working on this next week, along with making the repository more visually appealing.

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Repository now running

Posted by Dawn on November 15, 2007

The repository is now up and running. There are two versions, one attached to moodle at:
The other is stand alone at:
The front ends have not been finalised yet this will be one of the first jobs. There are some learning objects in the repository, but these will be replaced soon with more relevant ones. Ben and I are going to work on the permissions (authentication and accessibility) of the second one to enable individual work space.

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Evaluation of Plone

Posted by Dawn on September 17, 2007

Learning objects are designed to be reused and shared. To facilitate this they need to be stored within an environment that enables users to store, search and access them. There are many repositories available offering a variety of services and formats. As part of our second iteration UIDM Stage 2 activities we have looked at an open source content management system called Plone. This system gives users or groups individual space as well as allowing them access to publicly published materials. This report examines some of Plone’s features in the context of providing a repository for learning objects that can be integrated with other applications.

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