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GWT and iGoogle

Posted by Dawn on December 9, 2008

Started looking into the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) the other day. Downloaded all the kit and got everything almostworking within the Eclipse IDE. The tutorial I used didn’t completely work but I got the general idea. Next need to play with the downloaded samples and a web app of my own. Its going to be a busy week. I’m doing this for two reasons. Mark and Mike have built the input and processing elements of the Learning Object search tool, see post here. My job now is to take Mark’s output and do something visually funky with it. The GWT promises to be the easiest method to do this. I write in Java and it produces Ajax interactivity in XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, without all the browser conflicts.

The second reason is that we’re hoping to transfer the metadata generator we have developed into a widget. So by using the GWT to produce the second prototype, I should have enough know-how to do this transfer simply. Once we have some widgets we can have a look at putting them together as personal space on something such as iGoogle or FaceBook

As an aside I had a mess around with iGoogle today to see what I could put together. I didn’t release just how much was no available. I set up a work page, from my perspective and this is what I was able to access form one spot:

  • GMail account
  • links
  • Sticky Notes
  • TO-DO List
  • Multi-chat tool including Skype, MSN and Yahoo
  • Google Notebook
  • Direct blogging link to blogger & Word press
  • Google docs
  • Google groups
  • Google reader linked to all my project blogs
  • Google calendar
  • Twitter feeds and post
  • Flicker
  • Face book

I think I’ve covered almost everything I need 🙂

I blogged this from the google widget, but i wasn’t able to edit the formatting so just sent it in as a draft. The tags became catagories so something not working there. Not quite as instant acess as I would like, i’m editing it now in wordpress. Ther is no preview or image upload form the widget. It will get there I’m sure.


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