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Using Gabbeh

Posted by Dawn on October 23, 2007

I have recently been designing potential interfaces for an adapted version of eCat. To do this I have been using an extend version of Denim called Gabbeh developed by Amirmohammad Naghsh for his PhD.

This is an interesting tool for collaborative interface and web site development. Built on Denim, Gabbeh adds a communication tool to an already intuitive application. There are two modes. The design mode which allows for the development and editing of the interface, and a none-design mode that allows colleagues to interact with the interface but not to edit it. Comments can be added in both modes and are attached to the interface page being viewed at the time. They can be colour coded to reflect what they are discussing. Comments can be viewed and sorted by author and colour.

There are a few problems to sort out. In the design mode comments fill the whole of the screen in certain views. Its best to add them once the design is done. There isn’t a spell checker yet, but the original Denim application is focused on freehand drawing not masses of text. Consistency between modes is hit and miss with the comments. Sometimes their there sometimes there not, depending on where they were added or edited.

This has been a fun application to work with and for me, a natural pencil and paper person, very intuitive. It works well with a mouse and standard pc but is much better on a tablet pc. Being able to draw your ideas add some hyperlinks and show people how your designs interact is really good. The comments add an extra dimension enabling the designer to describe the functions behind the interface elements.

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