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Integrating Repository Function with Work Practice


The Streamline project is conducting a number of evaluations as part of its engagement with user groups. Your help with these evaluations would be greatly appreciated. Please select any or all of the evaluations listed. Some require knowledge of particular tools; others are evaluating our prototypes and tools. All data collected will be held anonymously and only used for research purposes.

Evaluation 1: Jorum & CourseGenie

If you are familiar with the learning object repository, Jorum, and/or the learning object packing tool, CourseGenie, please help us by completing this Questionnaire about your experiences with it. If you are from Belfast Met please use the code LO1BM. Otherwise use the code LO1.

Evaluation 2: Metadata Paper prototypes

As part of our development of improved tools for capturing metadata (the information about learning objects) we have produced a number of small electronic paper prototypes. These represent the user interface for entering metadata to accompany a learning object. There are three versions offering slightly different ways of entering the metadata. We would like to know which of these you find most useful and why. The interfaces are available as a zip file: eCat interfaces.


To view these prototypes you will need to install the Denim application. We use Denim as it gives you the opportunity to “run” the prototypes on your own machine. Denim requires that the Java Runtime environment is installed on your machine. Both are free and straightforward to install. If you have any problems with this stage please let us know.


Once Denim is installed open the file eCat_Original_Interface.dnm from the zip file. The file will open by default in design view. Go to the main menu, top left, or right click on an empty part of the design board. This brings up a circular menu interface. Select FILE and then RUN and wait. A second window will open showing the interface in run mode. This acts like a simple browser. The highlighted blue words or areas are hyperlinks and will take you to other parts of the interface as if it was a running application. The back and forward buttons at the top of the screen enable quick navigation through previously viewed interface screens.


Please explore this interface and each of the other two and then complete this Questionnaire. If you are from Belfast Met please enter the code EC9BM, otherwise please use the code EC9.

Thank you for your contribution to our project!


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