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Meeting with Critical Friend – Monday July 14th

Posted by johnrg on July 15, 2008

Janet and I met with Peter Hartley, the EMERGE Critical Friend for the Streamline Project, yesterday and enjoyed a really useful discussion. Hopefully we brought Peter up to speed with the project and the changes that we have made as the project has developed and gave him a copy of the revised project plan and work packages.  It turns out that Peter is also the Critical Friend for our partner project Persona and I think this is good news given the level of integration between these two projects.

In turn Peter sought to understand the range of groups that the project is working with and provided us with links to some wider projects and activities with complementary foci.  Some of these were for projects working with repositories such as the Southhampton institution exemplar project (which I think revolves around the ePrints repository). Others related to groups who were creating learning objects and storing them in a repository; two CETLS were mentioned here, The Reusable Learning Objects CETL (Tom Boyle et al, Cambrdige University and London Metropolitan University) and the LearnHigher CETL located at Liverpool Hope. We need to follow up these links to see if there is scope for working together and possible Benefits realisation opportunities.

Overall a useful meeting and good to meet Peter.


One Response to “Meeting with Critical Friend – Monday July 14th”

  1. Nick said

    Hi John

    I haven’t met Peter yet; no doubt he will be in touch in due course. I recently attended a <a href=””JISC event in Worcester” at which Debra Morris from Southampton University spoke briefly about their <a href=””EdShare project. Presentations were only 10 mins so it was a quick overview but it looked…well, exemplary as one might expect with S’oton’s reputation in all things repository.


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