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July 8th Monthly Meeting

Posted by johnrg on July 9, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick summary of the excellent meeting yesterday afternoon. The actual minutes are attached as a file.

Mike Taylor of the Skills for Learning (S4L) team attended and initiated a very interesting discussion about how Streamline could help them deposit their existing and new learning objects into the Leeds Met repository. One issue concerns the sparse meta data associated with many of the existing objects. This is an opportunity to test the usability and quality of output of the meta data generation tools. It would also help boost the objects currently stored in the repository so a hit for both Streamline and Persona.

Dawn and Nick are following this up.

We also identified other potential user groups including a group of post graduate students who are looking to create a space to store and circulate their work and staff at Belfast Metropolitan College who are very active in creating learning objects an depositing them in a repository. Each of these offers opportunities to investigate various aspects of work flows associated with the creation, review and deposit of objects within a repository.

Janet and Wendy are anticipating a challenging time at the July 15th JISC event and will be supplied with handouts, presentations and other goodies through Dawn, Nick et al.

The work packges continue to progress and we have some usable outputs available for comparison – see minutes for details.

Thanks to John Heap for his invigorating posts here and on the EMERGE blog  on the e-framework aspects of JISC projects, I guess that the rapid offering of an event in October to facilitate this may well indicate a problem common to a number of projects!

We agreed that the August monthly meeting as scheduled would not be held due to holiday clashes for many of the team however where possible team members should check with Janet during the week commencing August 18th to check that everything is in place for the Staff Development Festival in early September.

The next monthly meeting is scheduled for the morning of Tuesday September 16th.


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