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Integrating Repository Function with Work Practice


Posted by johnheap on July 8, 2008

On the EMERGE blog, I recently wrote a piece (some might say a bit of a rant, but I prefer to think ‘critical but measured’) about the e-framework suggesting that the tightly structured form of many of the components of the framework (I was actually commenting on Service Usage models) seems to contrast with the flexible, participative, collaborative and evolutionary nature of web 2.0.    (Of course, I realise that I might be missing something and once I ‘see the light’ might change my view.)

Within 48 hours of my posting, there was an announcement of a workshop in October (29th) and I look forward to finding out more and having my views confirmed or ‘re-adjusted’.  It is amazing how often such events (a criticism and what seems to be a response) show such fortuitous timing …. I realise there is no causal relationship and I am not willing to suggest any kind of paranormal connectivity so I put it down to happenstance and lucky coincidence … and say thanks for something which might unravel my confusion.


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