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TEL Day: promoting Streamline and The Institutional Repository

Posted by msoosay on June 10, 2008

The Technology Learning Day took place last Tuesday 3rd June and presented a good opportunity to promote both the above projects.  As we’re at the stage where Streamline prototypes have been built, user feedback is necessary to enable development work to progress steadily.  A decision was made to test the prototype and gather feedback from knowledgeable users and the likely participants were anticipated to be attending the TEL day.  Many were approached with a few questions, and indicated their willingness to take part in the evaluation. 

The proposed evaluation plan is to carry out a series of focus groups with about 8 people.   The discussion is to identify the difficulties and good aspects experienced while trying to create, find and reuse learning objects – particularly in adding metadata to a learning objects using any tool such as eCAT or CourseGenie or using metadata to do keyword searches within a learning object repository.

The outcomes of these focus groups will be a rich source to facilitate research!


One Response to “TEL Day: promoting Streamline and The Institutional Repository”

  1. Nick said

    Hi Meg

    I really enjoyed the TEL Day. Dawn and I were both able to gather some interesting preliminary data with our questionnaire and I was very encouraged by the level of interest in the repository and our related projects. I have summarised my results from the questionnaire on the respective project pages Repository News and PERSoNA News.


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