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Outcomes from the June 10th 2008 Meeting.

Posted by johnrg on June 10, 2008

The meeting generated a number of interesting discussions, as has been typical of earlier meetings, however not all of these discussions have resulted in blog postings. One aim of this meeting was to re-invigorate the use of the StreamlineNews – the Project Blog. Hence one outcome should be an noticeable increase in postings to the blog.

Specific outcomes form the meeting included:

Following the 3rd June Technology Enhanced Learning event:

  • Dawn and Nick to produce a short report detailing the results of the questionnaires collected.
  • Dawn and Nick to initiate a paper outlining the relationship between the Streamline, Persona and Institutional Repositories projects using commonalities discovered in the questionnaire responses as points of focus.

Progress on the Automated Meta data generation tool has progressed slowly this month, largely due to holidays and involvement with the TEL day on June 3rd. There is a need for Dawn, Mark and Elizabeth to meet to review the development of this tool set.

Similarly involvement with another project has interfered with progress on the Resource Discovery tool development. There is a need to ensure significant time is allocated to this work package in the coming month.

The personal resource management work has progressed but is hampered by the lack of an actual repository to work with. The University has now decided on Intralibrary and work should move forward quickly here. There is some early training on this repository scheduled for mid June.

In conjunction with this work package the Persona project can also begin to move forward. There is an involvement with the EMERGE event on June 23rd which will allow some wider dissemination and offer opportunities for the wider EMERGE community to contribute their experiences of using repositories.

The next meeting is scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday July 8th. July 15th clashes with a JISC event and the 22nd falls in our graduation week so the earlier date is preferred.


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