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What is a Web 2.0 app?

Posted by Dawn on May 29, 2008

Nick and I had an interesting discussion yesterday while sorting out the questionnaire for the technology day event next Tuesday (3rd June). Basically we have been trying to work out some questions to ask participants about social networking fro the PERSoNA project. We want to find out what social networking applications they use and how they use them. In formulating a list we had a bit of a disagreement as to what constitutes a social networking application and whether it was classed as web 2.0 or not. Nick wanted to include chat rooms and forums, but I felt they weren’t social networking apps. My arguments against the chat room is that there is no permanent record of the conversation and against the forum that it is a linear structure (like a file system) and therefore does have the flexibility of a web 2.0 app. While I’m not a hundred percent about my arguments, my gut still says that these old hat web functions are not part of the new generation of social networking apps that I think PERSoNA particularly and the term social networking generally aspires to. I think this is something that needs to be more closely examined for both PERSoNA and Streamline. When I got involved with Streamline I had I definite view of what a web 2.0 social networking app was, now I’m not so sure.


Another thing that came up in the questionnaire discussion was what constituted the term use. When you ask someone if they use a blog they can say yes even if all they do is casually come across blog entries while searching with Google. Alternatively they my say no if all they ever do is add comments to existing blogs but don’t actually run their own. We came up with a three level scale of view, comment only, and produce content. Does this really cover what we are trying to find out?



One Response to “What is a Web 2.0 app?”

  1. Dawn said

    In light of the discussion about the fine lines of Web 2.0 and social networking (are these two one and the same thing? Or are social networking apps the only good examples of web to at the moment?) did have a thought about forums. The only thing that a forum is missing is tagging. The think that removes it’s linear structure and enables users to sort discussions from their perspective. I then thought but that’s really just a wiki? SO I guess I’ve almost answered my own question. Almost.

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