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Integrating Repository Function with Work Practice

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  1. Tony said

    I do use, many times every day, mainly to flag items that I come across on blogs or other rss feeds. I don’t use it to store frequently accessed URLs – I use bookmarks in Firefox for that – but I do use it to look back for something I marked earlier. Tagging makes it easier to find such stuff again. I have loads of tags and keep meaning to sort them out (mainly merging several into one) but there’s no decent interface to do so. I also have my bookmarks flagged up in Facebook and FriendFeed so colleagues can see what I’m looking at or have looked at (I pointed someone at my visualisation tag – – as a starter for one of their postgrad students).

    As for the above, I tagged it with ‘academic data metadata learningobjects lom scorm standards elearning’. That’s the nice thing about using multiple tags: you don’t pick the ‘right’ tag for an item, but those which will cover the majority of tags others (or you in the future) might use to find this item.

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