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Sold on Tiddlywiki!

Posted by Janet Finlay on February 29, 2008

Since Elizabeth suggested that we might use Tiddlywiki as the basis for providing personal management and sharing space associated with repositories, I have been playing. And I have to say I am hooked. Tiddlywiki is a personal, single file, client side wiki. It is very simple to learn and use and at its basic level it makes a very elegant personal management tool. I have been using it to keep track of the work I am doing for different projects and to manage my notes and informal reflections. I have also set one up specifically to manage the completion of an assessment I have to do this year (outside of work) – and it works beautifully for that too.

But what makes it particular exciting are all the plugins and extensions that are available for it making it possible to embed feeds, files, launch applications, connect to social networks and connect to other Tiddlywikis through importing and exporting tiddlers. I am really looking forward to seeing what Dawn and Elizabeth can do with this tool!


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