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Integrating Repository Function with Work Practice

Which repository?

Posted by Nick on February 14, 2008

As you know, during the past month or so we have seen several demonstrations of software that could be used to implement our institutional repository and as the project officer, I have been grateful for the valuable input from the Streamline project team.

We have looked at a range of products with slightly different emphases and, as is the way of things, all of the systems have positives and negatives.

At one end there is the specialised IR software that is tailored to the needs of the research community (Digital Commons, EPrints, Open Repository) , then we have the more generalised repository software that, perhaps, would be better suited to archiving (for example) digital images of heritage collections (IntraLibrary, Digitool) and then there is the ultra-sophisticated digital repository system from Harvest Road that as I understand it, in its fully fledged form, could be used to manage all of the University’s digital information across all its disparate systems.

Without giving too much away here – and a decision really won’t be taken until we sit down with the Project Consultancy Team on 11th March – I would personally favour a system that can be implemented fairly quickly and that will help me promote the principles of Open Access and self-archiving to the research community.



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