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Posters, websites, repositories and emerge meeting

Posted by Dawn on January 25, 2008

All in all a busy week. First we completed the Streamline poster for the Emerge project meeting at the end of the week. I added a front end to the server site, which might be handy to keep as a resource space, so please send me links you think should be on there.

The final two repository demos were fairly impressive, particularly hive by Harvest Road. Extremely adaptable core, highly configurable and comes with API’s for custom work. There was very little to demo as they give the impression that it is our needs that will dictate the functionally as well as the look and feel.  I also thought IntraLibrary was a reasonable for a more predictable out of the box solution. This is the foundation for JORUM. Comparing what people have said about JORUM, and the product we viewed, I would say that the well know LO repository has not made full use of IntraLibrary’s features. The report should be finished by next week so you should have chance to have a look before the next project meeting.

Emerge meeting was very interesting, and I think I understand the processes the employ a lot better, but don’t quote me on that. Unfortunately the chap for the e-Framework had a nasty bug, so was unable to attend. Resulting in that session being cancelled, I really was disappointedJ. Fortunately for us John Heap has made murky things clearer with his review of the e-Framework. Thanks for that.

The evening session was interesting, meeting lots of people, good food and drink. Some of the other projects had potential for cross-over and a couple of people form Leeds University suggested we should form stronger links. Others were very interested in our use of the Gabbeh tool, which I demoed. General an interesting couple of days, with plenty to take in.


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