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Please try out eCat!

Posted by Janet Finlay on October 11, 2007

Streamline as a project has a legacy: it arose out of work done on previous projects such as HLSI and Replika. Our initial user analysis and prototypes for Streamline came from these projects and in the first months of Streamline we have been carrying out targeted evaluation and developing support materials based on this. We now want to broaden this and invite the JISC community to try out one of these tools (e-cat) and help inform our reuse and redesign of this tool. To assist in this process we have developed a e-cat User Guide to help you. E-cat is works within Microsoft Word to allow you to create structured learning objects, based on Word content, with embedded multimedia components. It provides the facility to include standardised metadata and create a learning object package that can be uploaded to a repository or a VLE or distributed on CD-ROM.

We are interested in the usability of this tool but also particularly in the process involved in creating a learning object and adding metadata using it – how does it fit with your current work flow for creating learning resources? What would improve that fit?

We will be issuing an online questionnaire shortly to allow you to feedback your responses. These will then inform our next software release.


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