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Integrating Repository Function with Work Practice


Posted by Janet Finlay on August 20, 2007

Recruitment has been successfully completed and I am delighted to welcome Dawn Wood to the team. She joins us today (20th August) and is temporarily located in Tony Renshaw’s office (Usability Lab) while we decide on the best permanent place for her. Please do introduce yourselves to her (virtually and IRL) as soon as you are able. Now we have a permanent member of staff we will hopefully be able to make significantly more progress.

Other updates to report:

I have been working with Jakki Sheridan Ross to capture information on user workflows from the podcasting user group. We are still analysing the raw data but a number of things are immediately clear:

  1. Users on the whole do not want to do truly live podcasting – they want to edit/review work before release. This has implications for the “workflows” currently available through the Apple system and how we progress with support tools. We may for instance need to focus some attention on conversion processes and protocols. We also need to think about support for resource production (as an institution not necessarily through the project).
  2. Persistence is a key issue – some resources are time limited and ephemeral – and it is important to users to distinguish these from resources that will be more generally shared. This needs to be captured in metadata and has implications for personal management of resources as well.
  3. Metadata and sharing of resources do not register on most users’ radars at all without prompting. We need to consider how we make this an inherent part of processes which at present do not even consider these possibilities.
  4. Many video/multimedia resources have some existing accompanying text based resources (e.g. notes, scripts, etc) which could be used to feed automatic metadata generation.

Our next stage in WP 3 is to analyse the work flow data we have more fully and develop more formal representations.

Rodney and Elizabeth have been working on WP4. Their initial report of ideas is attached. Please read this and respond with thoughts, suggestions etc. WP 4 Report

It would be good to have similar reports/ideas for WP5 and 6 please.

Ben has a test repository (PHP/MySQL) which needs to be installed at Leeds Met, hopefully shortly. We will then be able to explore and evaluate some tools. In the meantime the Apple server repository (for the podcasts is accessed via a very limited web interface (no metadata, poor structures etc). We are looking at possible ways of enhancing this – one candidate is plone ( which Dawn is going to explore in the next few weeks.

So progress is being made and should I hope speed up as we all get back in September.



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