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Important – timesheets

Posted by Janet Finlay on June 10, 2007

Hi all

We need to establish a mechanism for you to record the time you are spending on the project. In the project bid each person was allocated a nominal figure of 1/2 day a week – except myself (1 day) and Tony (whose allocation is a little more complicated!). When it comes to auditing the project I will need to be able to account for this time. The question is how would people like to record it? The choices seem to range from the informal (you email me say monthly with your hours spent against particular activities/work packages) and I record in a spreadsheet, to a shared spreadsheet for that purpose, to a web-based project timesheet service (which we can set up free). What do you prefer?

On hours to date please could you simply email me the time you have spent on project activities. In theory by this stage this should add up to approximately 6 days BUT please do not make it up! It is quite likely for some of you that you have not done much to date but will do more later. So try to be as accurate as possible (and specific about tasks).

I will be circulating the management plan later today with a view to sending to JISC tomorrow or Tuesday so please watch this space. It has been arduous doing it but it has certainly clarified in my mind how the project will work and what we need to do from here!

On the issue of allocation and hours – with the exception of Ben and Tony for whom it is relatively straightforward (JISC paying for their hours) – the rest of us are covered by the university’s contribution. In Innovation North this shouldn’t be an issue – tell your PGL in the next allocation that you have 1/2 day for this activity. Let me know if there is an issue. For other Faculties hopefully the same system will apply – but please let me know as soon as possible if there is a problem with this – it may be possible to do some juggling of the FEC part of the project but would need to talk to Ged.




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