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JISC e-Framework meeting

Posted by Janet Finlay on May 31, 2007

I attended a JISC e-Framework meeting today which was very interesting and helpful for the project. I need to spend some time reviewing the materials (will then provide a summary before our meeting in June as the basis for discussion) but it clarified very well the levels of the e-Framework and where we can best contribute.

I was pleased to see a strong emphasis on scenarios going across all levels – the idea of scenarios is a common one in HCI and one that we can use effectively with the podcasting user group. We will be having an inital user group meeting next week – I will introduce some scenario capture activities to get the ball rolling with them. It would also be useful to pull out scenarios we have (whether written or implicit) of the use of tools such as eCAT in other projects.

At the meeting in June we need to explore how we map the domain(s) we are working in (not trivial as we are cutting across subject domains and across sub-domains in the learning/teaching area) – and from a technical perspective how our focus on metadata creation, resource discovery and management maps onto services (I suspect Ben may have something to say here!).

Update on recruitment – the INN change management process is now concluded but there is still a freeze on jobs in the University. However I am seeing our HR rep tomorrow and hope we should be able to get our post VPR approved next week.  There is an issue with the specificity of our requirements – I have put in detailed technical requirements (as advised by Ben) but we need to demonstrate that the post is still equivalent to another already graded post. If they decide it is distinct it will have to be HERA graded and we really don’t want to go there – it will take too long. Hopefully the meeting tomorrow will sort this out.



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