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Emerge project meeting

Posted by Janet Finlay on April 29, 2007

Onn April 25th-26th Jill and myself attended the JISC Emerge project launch meeting. Emerge is the management project for the Community of Practice and as one of the e-administration projects funded we are involved in that as early adopters of the Users and Innovation Development Model.

The meeting was very enjoyable and it was useful to meet other members of the CoP and get involved with the project. Some particularly helpful workshops were provided on the Users and Innovation Development Model and future funding.  In Streamline we all need to be familiar with developments in UIDM so should sign up to Emerge to keep on top of what is happening there. Essentially the model is one of user centred design and appears to be presented more as a statement of values than a formal model of activities – I expect our development activities (and those of the other projects) to be able to test and contribute to the further development of this model.

If you haven’t already done so please sign up to Emerge and take part in discussions there.



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