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Meeting 4th April

Posted by Janet Finlay on April 10, 2007

The meeting on the 4th of April was attended by Stuart, Ben, Jill, Janet and Lawrie Phipps from JISC.

Progress to date was reported and number of key points arose:

  1. It was noted that the timescales given in the initial bid had been optimistic – particularly in relation to progress made in months 1 & 2. This was accepted as normal by Lawrie and a new more realistic plan (allowing more time for the outcomes of WPs 1-3) was discussed. This plan will be the basis of the management plan due to be submitted at the end of May.
  2. Appointment of an RO was affected by the restructuring underway in INN – hopefully would be able to proceed late May. In the meantime existing staff were progressing the project.
  3. A summary website had been submitted to JISC (see file Summary for JISC). A full website will be hosted by Leeds Met and this blog will be used for management.
  4. Initial outputs for WP1 had been received from Stuart and Jill. These would form the basis of the report on previous work.
  5. Plans were put in place for the evaluation of existing tools. This will be carried out by Tony in April/May and will focus on the use of eCAT.
  6. Stuart and Jill agreed to find participants in Carnegie and Health to take part in the evaluations and to develop a podcast to promote participation to staff.

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