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Streamline – what is this all about?

Posted by Janet Finlay on April 6, 2007

At the second meeting of the JISC e-administration project on April 4th we agreed that we would call the project “Streamline” as a short hand – hence the name here. As it suggests the aim of the Streamline project is to “streamline” processes for users of repositories and provide them with appropriate software to support their work flow.

This blog has been set up to aid in the management of the project – to keep us all in touch with each other and allow us to discuss issues. It is private to project participants so we can have open discussions. I have also set up a community on the Emerge Elgg site to allow us to discuss the project with interested parties who are external to it. See this one as the business end and that one as dissemination.

Hope that helps.



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